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Introduction: Scrap Fabric Rope Bag

Using some scrap fabric and cotton cord, I made this beautiful boho bag for summer. It was so fun and easy to make, and there are so many variations you could create with this simple process.


cotton fabric scraps

cotton cord

sewing machine

large spool of thread

large button

rotary cutter

straight pins

waxed thread

Step 1: Cut Strips

Cut scraps into strips that are between 1/2" and 3/4" in width.

Once you've cut up your strips, toss them all together so you can choose different patterns randomly.

Step 2: Start Wrapping

Wrap your first strip around the end of the cotton cord as shown and stitch in place with a zig zag stitch.

Step 3: Continue Wrapping

When you get to the end of strip, add another strip on top of the end of the last one. Continue to wrap and stitch as you go.

Step 4: Wrap Rope

I honestly, don't know how much of this rope I made, but it was a lot. It was quite relaxing to make, and I found I enjoyed it quite a bit. The worst part was when the bobbin would run out and I'd have to stop to refill it.

Step 5: Back Piece

Stitch the rope in a spiral as shown with a zig zag stitch. You can make this piece as large or as small as you'd like. It will determine the size of the bag.

You need the bulk of the spiral to be to the left of the needle, so if you begin stitching and find that it's on the right (like in my first image) simply pull it out and flip it over before continuing.

Leave a tail of rope on the end about 6" long.

Step 6: Front Piece

For the front, you're going to create another spiral, but hold it up at a slight angle while you stitch. This will create the rounded front.

Step 7: Strap

For the strap, I used the cotton cord alone instead of coating it in fabric. Decide how long you want your strap to be and fold it at that length. Stitch down the cord starting at the fold. When you get to the end, rotate and continue adding more cord until you're happy with the width.

Step 8: Pin Front

To allow the back piece to fold over the front, it needs to be cut down at the top. fold the front piece under and fold the back over the top. When you're happy with the placement, pin the edges and center of the top piece where it needs to be cut.

fold the top piece in half so the two side pins line up.

Step 9: Cut Front

Cut from the side pins to the center pins.

Take a piece of cord and stitch it along the cut edge.

Step 10: Attach Strap

Fold the back piece over the front and pin the strap in place. Be sure not to stitch above where it will fold.

Step 11:

Place a button in the center front of the bag and fold the back over to meet it. With the 6" tail of cord left on the end of the back piece. create a loop that will fit around the button and stitch it in place as shown.

Step 12: Button

Using some waxed thread, stitch the button to the center of the front piece. However, instead of pulling the thread tight on the back, leave a tail on the end of each piece. Tied the ends in one knot together, but don't tie it tightly against the fabric. Leave a bit of room so the rope loop on the front can go behind the button.

To keep the button from sliding down on this extra thread, Tie some additional thread around the excess on the front as shown.

Step 13: Enjoy

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    1 day ago

    I wondered how this type of sewing was done. Thanks for the great instructable!


    1 day ago

    What a fantastic project! I have soooo many scraps of fabric and simply unused fabric. I hope to make this soon and will post when I do. Thank you for such clear instructions and photos.


    1 day ago on Introduction

    Amazing Instructable! Thanks for sharing this fun project! I am so inspired, and what a fun way to use up cool scraps.


    1 day ago

    I make bowls with wrapped fabric over cotton rope. I sew the bowl together at the same time I wrap the fabric to save a step and probably "lots" of thread and time.


    1 day ago on Introduction

    AWESOME!! I wish I had lots of time to make lots of these... I have sooooo many fabric scraps... maybe some day :) Thank you for sharing!


    7 days ago

    This is ingenious! Thank you so much for sharing! I do pioneer reenactments and I'm considering how to use this in my performances and life!! It's so beautiful!