Strawberry-Mascarpone Divine Dessert



Introduction: Strawberry-Mascarpone Divine Dessert

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I had some mascarpone left-overs so I made this water-mouthing divine dessert! It's like an angel poo so delicious. But be warned the dessert is kind off heavy so don't eat it right after you ate an heavy meal.


Ingredients for two:

  • two slices of butter-cake
  • strawberry jam (or other jam if you like it more)
  • 125g mascarpone
  • 4-6 strawberry's
  • 1 tbs sugar


  • handmixer
  • two bowls
  • knife
  • spoon

Step 1: The Bottom

Crumble one slice of butter-cake per person in a separate bowl. Press the cake crumbs firmly so you get a nice bottom.

Step 2: The Mascarpone

Add a tbs sugar to your mascarpone. If you don't like sweet, I would say you choose the wrong dessert but you can also add some less sugar. If you do like you sweetness, add more sugar to your taste.

Mix the mascarpone and sugar with a handmixer.

Divide the mascarpone over the two bowl. If you make a spoon wet with some water it's easier to smooth out the mascarpone to a nice even layer.

Step 3: Jam and Topping

Now add jam at the top of the mascarpone. I used two tablespoon per person but you can add more if you like. You can also choose to use other jam. Blueberry or apricot are also very tasty!

To finish your heavenly dessert add some strawberry's.

Enjoy your Strawberry-Mascarpone Divine Dessert and try not to drool over it!

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