Ski Rack



Introduction: Ski Rack

I created a 3.5 foot ski rack that can hold 5 pairs of skis and is in the shape of a ski.

Step 1: Idea Garden

I created an idea garden to help me come up with possible ideas for the one board challenge some of these ideas would never make it past this point but would help me narrow my ideas down to 2 different options, a ski rack and a cutting board.

Step 2: Drawing Sketch

before moving to a CAD drawing I wanted to design a sketch that will allow me to design key features will also not caring for exact measurements and just getting a rough sketch before I begin creating a file that will be cut out

Step 3: First CAD Drawing

The first CAD drawing had a few design elements that I wanted to keep including the slope of the main body of the wood which would make it look more like a ski. I would soon realize that I would not have the time to attempt a bending process of the wood.

Step 4: 2nd Design

This second design looks almost identical to the final design that would later be made but would be improved to be a more narrow shape as I wanted the top view to match the shape of the ski. At this time we still had the idea of bending the wood to create the shape, this design would still be present in the final design, as we would only realize the time we had until the ski rack was already cut out.

Step 5: Final Design

The final design would be similar to the 2nd design and would later be turned into a CNC file and would eventually be cut out on a CNC machine

Step 6: CNC Machine Cut-Out

After the CNC machine had cut out the ski rack I began sanding the whole outside surface to not only create a smooth surface but to change the shape as the CNC machine had cut out one side of the wood differently than then other side.

Step 7: Final Product

The last step was to add in the wooden stakes which were from a similar piece of wood that had previously been turned into cylinder pieces that matched with the wholes that I had cut out, I only had to sand the wholes a little bigger to be able to fit the cylinders in. I decided not to paint the design until a later date because I was creating this for a family members house and they have not painted the outside area which this will be located and will be painted the color they decide

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