Chron Shopping Deals Merchant FAQs and Support

Q: What is Chron Shopping?

A: Chron Shopping helps Houston consumers connect with merchants, and vice versa. We do this by asking consumers what they are interested in buying, and then by sourcing deals that match those preferences. We deliver the deals via a weekly newsletter, and showcase deals on the Chron Shopping channel, located at

Q: I am a merchant and would like to submit a deal for consideration in your program. Where may I do so?

A: You can submit a deal to our Deals team by emailing

Q: How can I sponsor the next Chron Shopping sweepstakes?

A: Please reach out to our team at with your name, contact information and we will be in touch shortly. 

Q: What kind of commission structure, payment, fees are associated with my participation in Chron Shopping?

A: As a merchant participating in Chron Shopping there are no associated up-front fees. Instead, commissions are based on a negotiated percentage of the sale. Chron Shopping supports online e-commerce, and in-store coupons and promotions.  

Q: What deals are you currently offering?

A: You can find a list of our current deals by visiting Chron Shopping at

Q: How do consumers redeem a deal?

A: The answer depends on the type of deal. For an online-only ecommerce deal, the consumer clicks a link that points to a page on the merchant’s site, or uses a code that the consumer enters into the merchant’s check out page to apply the discount. For an in-store deal, the consumer will print out a coupon, or show it on their phone to the salesperson. The coupon is generated by the merchant’s existing point-of-sale system. 

Q: How does Chron Shopping make money from this program?

A: We make money the same way that merchants do — when the consumer actually buys something. We charge the merchant a commission.  

Q: Where can I locate Chron Shopping’s privacy policies?

A: You can find our privacy policies here. [Insert link to the Chron Shopping channel privacy policies page]