How you can own this bizaare Hakeem Olajuwon collector's item

In 1984, the Air Jordan shoe was born and the sneaker industry has never been the same.

That same year, another signature sneaker hit stores to limited success except for in the hallways of Houston high schools.

The Etonic Akeem the Dreams were the signature shoe of Rockets rookie Akeem Olajuwon. Although it had a brief resurgence with a limited re-release in 2014, the Akeem the Dreams have pretty much vanished like Michael Jordan retiring from basketball and avoiding Olajuwon and the Rockets in the NBA Finals.

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Now, an online vintage store has discovered a rare Akeem the Dream promotional item and is offering it to the highest bidder.

Turns out, Etonic teamed up with retailer The Athlete’s Foot in 1984 to try to push Olajuwon’s sneakers. Part of that promotion was a creepy-looking – or incredible-looking – stool, depending on your viewpoint.

The legs of the stool look like human legs from the shin down outfitted in a pair of the red Akeem the Dreams fitted comfortably over white Etonic socks. The seat covering is made to look like a basketball with proper signage for The Athete’s Foot and Etonic as well as the Akeem the Dream signature.

The owner of Mad Jams New York, an online vintage store based out of New York, discovered the piece at an estate sale in New Jersey. The previous owner of the collector’s item ran an old The Athlete’s Foot franchise and kept the stool when the store was shut down.

According to the Mad Jams owner, the stool is sturdy and usable, although it’s so clean, he thinks the owner would prefer it be used as a display piece.

The sneakers, which are an estimated size 14, also are removable so you can wear them, but why would you ruin this perfect piece of memorabilia?

The unique item is up for bid on eBay with a “buy it now” price of $999, but Mad Jams New York is taking bids in the DMs of the store’s Instagram page here. As of Thursday afternoon, the highest bidder in the DMs was at $400. The owner plans to accept offers through the end of the week.